Zanzibar Island

An island full of beautiful beaches, the ancient history of Swahili culture, and rich with different species and clove plantations. People have lived in Zanzibar for 20,000 years. The island becomes a base of traders run with Oman. As the slave trade, cloves, and ivory expands from the East African mainland the history was kept in Prison Island.

Various people from all over the world venture off to this island for ultimate sand, sea, sun, and seafood. And also includes activities such as diving, sky diving, sea diving, and snorkeling. Around the labyrinth of the stone-town is where you will see two millennia of history. The architecture mix of Arabic, India, Europe, and Africa together. 35 km to the south of Zanzibar town lays the Jozani forest, part of the Jozani-chwaka conservation area. It is home to the red colobus monkey and other species of monkeys, birds, and other animals.

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