1.How is malaria condition in Tanzania?

Malaria condition in Tanzania is positive, all the clients should get malaria shot from their country and all required medications as advised by their doctors before travelling to Tanzania to avoid being sick.

2. How is security in Tanzania?

Tanzania is a peaceful country and the security is very efficient and good. But during the night it is best not to walk around with expensive properties to avoid pickpockets and it is advised to be with your local tour guide or host if necessary.

3. What are the measures of COVID-19 that are being taken during safari?!

As covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic and our guests need to be and feel safe, as tour Safari Company we take all the measures that are recommend against spread of the virus.

-Provision of hand sanitizers during adventure safari

– Face masks to protect oneself

– Distance observation and also staying in places where there are no many people.

4. What are the best cloths to wear during safari?

Any cloths are good to wear during safari given your comfortably and style. But we suggest that colors should not be so bright such as blue and black and other bright colors to avoid attracts insect like Tsetse’s flies.

5. Can a Lion/other wild animal attack tourists on a safari?

No, lions or other wild animals can not attack tourists while on a safari vehicles. A safe distance is always observed during safari game drive and not disturbing wild animals while watching them. Always follows the instructions from your tour guide as he/she knows the behaviors of the animals and what to do in case of emergencies.

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