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Tapestry Law

When you hire a network lawyer, you don`t pay fees, deductibles or copayments. For a complete list of lawyers in the network and the services covered, see www.legaleaseplan.com/tapestry. MANDAN: Margot M. Fransen, Chief Counsel, Employment and Compensation “There is no stronger stock plan team in the world. What distinguishes them is their understanding of the practicalities of share plans as well as the legal situation. Unlike some law firms, which really only deal with stock plans as part of transactions, they understand the day-to-day nuances and can advise pragmatically, depending on the risks based on the practical management of the stock plans and the legal situation. It is rare and very valuable. EXPERIENCE: Unilever`s vision is a truly diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone can bring authenticity to work. Our goal is to promote gender balance and develop an inclusive culture by respecting the contribution of all employees, regardless of gender, age, race, disability or sexual orientation. As one of the signatories to the General Counsel Statement of Support on Diversity and Inclusion, one of our efforts is to encourage and work with our law firms to adopt best practices in diversity and inclusion. We are excited to partner with Tapestry, which fosters a culture where agile working is available to both women and men to have a healthy work-life balance while providing excellent and cost-effective legal advice when we need it.

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TESTIMONIAL: Tapestry Compliance is a valuable partner that meets our needs and provides practical legal advice. They maintain the level of quality you expect from a large international law firm while being a more cost-effective and efficient option. Legal Services is a voluntary service managed by LegalEASE. The plan covers eligible employees and family members. The solution was easy to implement and use, avoided complex regulatory issues, and offered the same benefits across our group. Our leaders are enthusiastic. ■ Sarah Bruce, who brings extensive experience in tax for incentive plans. “I turned to Tapestry Compliance because of its proven expertise in employee stock option programs. His knowledge of this field, the tax and other implications and requirements is unmatched and quite unique. I found them excellent in every way and very user-friendly.

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