Ss Acronym Legal

Ss Acronym Legal

While each notarial document must contain a notarial deed, each notarial deed usually contains certain elements; The notary will identify and understand the type of data or information to be inserted in this part of the document. A very common element that a notary can see on the notarial deed is the letters “ss”, which usually appear in the upper left corner of the document or notarial deed. This is the scope of the certificate that contains the location. The place is the part of the notarized document that indicates the place – the physical place – where notarization takes place: the place where the signatory and the notary are physically located at the time of notarization. What do these letters mean? Since Social Security numbers are a common identifier in our society, many voters and perhaps notaries believe that the letters ask for the client`s Social Security number. It`s not true. The letters “ss” instead of the place of the notary`s certificate actually represent the Latin word scilicet, which means in particular as much as “knowledge” or “to know”. The idea has to do with granting a legal permission or license; Its importance in terms of jurisdiction and notarial certification is currently considered archaic and opaque. Although the letters “ss” may appear on the notarial deed, they are in no way necessary and may be omitted on certain notarial acts that a notary may encounter. A notary must be diligent in inserting the state and county for the place upon request, but it is not necessary to add the letters “ss” to the notarial deed if they have been omitted.

Certification is also valid without it. In fact, “S.S.” is short for “Scilicet” – a Latin term meaning “to know” or “especially.” It is the predecessor of today`s known and required place. The pronunciation is (pardon our Latin!!) “SILL-le-cet.” Although the location is displayed on most notarized certificates as follows: We found this example on another state`s certificate for confirmation: The key to good SS notation management is to always specify the location with the required standard state and county information. Next, decide if the SS notation on the certificate requires additional information such as the city, or if the SS is just a formality in the structure of the place, which you have already filled in by specifying the name of the county. In most cases, it will be the latter. State _______ County of________ S.S. This usage is loosely translated, especially “County of (county name)”. The notary simply enters the name of the district in which the notarial deed actually took place. An abbreviation used in the part of an affidavit, memorandum or recording known as a statement of place.

Here`s an example of a place we found in a state`s online notary manual: FORM OF RECOGNITION FOR A PERSON: State _____ County ___ SS. (City/City) In this usage, the scilicet (remember, it means “to know” or “especially”) indicates that the notary must further specify the place by including the name of the city after the name of the county. S.S. on the notarial deed: what does it mean? ASN Hot Tip, May 2009-#2 The abbreviation reads like “to wit” and is supposed to be a contraction of the Latin term scilicet. “SS.” appears as a guard after the name of a Massachusetts county in the caption of a memorandum or at the beginning of the notary`s confirmation. Any questions, comments about this Hot Tip? “Many possible etymologies have been suggested for this mysterious abbreviation. The first is that it means scillicet (= namely, to say), which is usually abbreviated sc. or scil. Another is that ss. represents “the two golden letters at the ends of the chain of functions or necklace” worn by the Lord Chief Justice of the King`s Bench. Max Radin, Law Dictionary 327 (1955). Melinkoff suggests that the exact etymology is unknown: “Avocados have been using ss for nine hundred years and are still unsure what it means.” David Melinkoff, The Language of Law 296 (1963).

In fact, however, this is a frills derived from directories – an equivalent of the sales mark: “¶”. Hence Lord Hardwicke`s statement that ss. is nothing more than a sign of division. See Jodderrell v. Cowell, 95 eng. rep. 222.222 (K.B. 1737). One of the first authors of formwork incorporated it into its forms, and since then it has been thoughtlessly immortalized by one generation after another. Bryan A.

Garner, Garner`s Dictionary of Legal Usage 839 (3rd ed. 2011).” The American Society of Notaries claims that it is an abbreviation of a Latin term, scilicet, which means “to know” or “in particular” and indicates the element of competence required for recognition. However, Black`s Law Dictionary tells a slightly different story: many documents, especially those created by banks and similar institutions, display the “S.S.” icon next to spaces for location information (___ State, ___ County). An astonishing number of notaries do not know the meaning of the “SS” symbol or mistakenly believe that it is a request for a social security number! If you still have questions when you encounter an SS notation (“Scilicet”), please do not hesitate to call your free ASN Member Hotline for assistance.

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